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Lone Survivalist


Here’s what you’ll learn…

You'll have no need to run to an empty store and fight a hungry mob for the last few cans of corn.  Because in chapter 1 you'll gain the ability to grow fruit and veggies, 3 times as quick, and 3 times as big as a 30 year farmer - and grow them all year round.   Even indoors in 1 foot spaces with no gardening experience.

 In chapter 2 page 37, you'll swing open the tailgate to a secret wholesale truck and uncover survivalist gear that's close to 83% off Cabella's retail prices. (we don't make a dime on that gear just, just hand the savings, tools, and priceless tactics to you and your family.)

 In the Poor Mans Survivalist section, you'll uncover 34 ways to stretch money that you'd normally burn through in days, to over 7 months of sustainability.  26 of the techniques you can implement today to free up close to 32% of you current income.

 You'll transform your backyard into a homestead in days, and you'll learn how turn every inch into a food producing, supply abundant, money generating monster if the the SHTF, with less than $100 - it's a lot easier than you think but you need at least 1/18th an acre of land to do it.

You'll own the blueprint, map, and supply list to build your very own invisible bunker.  It takes a few trips to home depot, a few supplies listed on page 139, some elbow grease and a decent budget but once you sit in your bomb proof, storage ready, underground castle it well be well worth it.  (you'll want to build this just to hang out in and have some space from everyday life.)

 You'll say "Shut the power, cut my electric, turn off all my heat - and I bat an eyelash!" because  

The Unbreakable Handbook hands you a 25 page blueprint of how to break free from the power companies that steal your money every month. 

In fact, it's so easy to go completely solar and creates more energy than you need, that power companies sent thousands of solar salesman to your every door over the last few years to lock you in to contracts just incase these secrets got out.  

You'll have the ability to implement these secrets these companies are scared of in minutes. 

You'll be the "Real Doctor," on the block.  This book gives you the ability to treat the most severe injuries and many sicknesses in dire situations without any professional help - just the facts, plants, and equipment needed to face any health scare or injury. 

 Because of the last 22 pages of  The Unbreakable Handbook you'll have a copy of in just minutes - Your house will be a bullet proof fortress with just a few trips to home depot.  In fact, criminals and looters will never even approach your property because of 3 things that tip them off to stay away or ELSE.

 ... and much, much more!  Did I mention the invisible bunker you'll get step by step instructions for will be 82% off the price contractors are selling it for, and built much stronger.