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The Real Survival Flashlight

Can Your Flashlight Set Fires?

NOVA P50 High Intensity Flashlight. The Nova P50 is the world's first high-intensity survival flashlight designed with elite survivalists in mind.

THE NOVA P50 Lights Blazing Fires...

It's a survival ready, multi-unit, flashlight that breaks glass, defends you, charges itself along with your phone, and lights fires.

Massive Fires.

Can your flashlight start fires?

Not only will the Nova P50 light fires for you, when the solar panel is stealing free energy from the sun, charging it's 2500 MAH battery to shine a beam that makes a bear cry and run.

It charges your phone at the same time.

It also acts as a universal remote control for you TV.

Alright, I got too excited and I lied about that TV thing, but all the rest is true.

You'll also know when you hold this Nova P50 in your palm, if you can get one, they sell out like hot cakes, because you'll get just as excited.

Eating a friends wedding cake because they are dancing, type of excited.

So grab the brightest light on the block, never be worried about a dead battery, and light stuff on fire, not people, just stuff...

See all the details here...

Zippo EFK Emergency Fire Kit. Emergency Fire Kit Features: Water-Resistant. Our water-resistant fire starting kit floats in water for extra peace of mind


Lighting a fire hands you the power to stand tall in survival situations.

It gives you warmth, purifies water, and cooks your food in planned camping situations and unplanned GRID DOWN situations.

THE ISSUE WITH FIRE: They are just not easy to get started in less than ideal, boy scout type situations, and the world consistently hands us those less than ideal situations...

"You suck world."

Fear not friend, with this Zippo Emergency Fire Kit, a novice instantly becomes a fire lighting expert, and an expert spends his time kicking his feet up, roasting squirrels rather than searching for dry tinder.

If you're a vegan, roast a leaf.

So go now and punch the world in it's face, and always have a roaring fire that lives right inside your pocket with Zippos Emergency Fire Kit.


5 paraffin-wax coated easy-spark tinders that burn for over 5 minutes, sure to light roaring fires even while your still collecting wood.

Rugged and water-resistant ABS plastic container with O-ring seals so your tinder will be dry even in down pouring rain.

Flint-wheel ignition device that hands you the power to spark tinder into a roaring flame thousands of times.

Portable, light, and always ready to protect you and your family, so add this to your readiness kit today.


The Fire That Lasts Forever


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