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Pandemic Playbook (e-book digital download)



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Sometimes the real danger isn’t the pandemic itself, but the way others respond to it.


In Pandemic Playbook, survival expert Tyler White teaches you how to “bug out” when civil unrest or a loss of critical resources make staying home dangerous or impossible.


Tyler is your personal mentor as you accompany him on a bug-out adventure in the Utah wilderness. He explains that while, in a bug-out situation, you should always plan to head someplace like a relative’s house, if that plan falls apart and you need to survive in the woods for a few days, it’s important that you’re prepared and able to.


Then in friendly and conversational language, as though you’re right there with him, Tyler walks you through everything you’ll need to take, and everything you’ll need to do, in order to bug out to and survive in a remote wilderness location. From outlining seven major categories of necessity, to explaining in some detail the reasons for his selections of various personal items (gun being one of them), you’ll learn exactly which pieces of gear to acquire before your need to flee home arises, and how each one is meant to fit into your overall bug-out survival plan.


After Tyler has named and explained every item he’s packed into his vehicle, you’ll travel with him to a carefully selected wilderness campsite where you’ll learn the skills necessary to live off of the land. Major categories include setting up and using a shelter, selecting and staging fuel, building a fire, procuring and sanitizing water, and trapping and cooking food.


At 40 pages long, Pandemic Playbook is a very approachable resource. Even more so, its author leverages the power of speaking directly to you, the reader, and walking you through his preparation and execution as though you were attending his outdoor survival class in person. As a result, you’ll come away from your time with Tyler having the confidence and specific know-how to both prepare for and live through a pandemic bug-out scenario.


Order your copy of Pandemic Playbook today, and prepare yourself and your family as Tyler White will very capably show you.


“you’ll come away from your time with Tyler having the confidence and specific know-how to both prepare for and live through a pandemic bug-out scenario.”

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Mikel B.

Great resource for when SHTF

Eric M.

The reason im commenting is honestly i have never won anything in my life i think these are just to get my email at least it has been in my case but i entered to WIN the headlamp anyway plz let me win for one time in my life

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