Nova Knife P90 BOGO
Nova Knife P90 BOGO
Nova Knife P90 BOGO
Nova Knife P90 BOGO
Nova Knife P90 BOGO
Nova Knife P90 BOGO

Nova Knife P90 BOGO

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Buy 1 Nova Knife Get One FREE

The Nova Knife P90 is the world’s first high-intensity survival flashlight designed with elite survivalists in mind, and if you buy one right now. You Get another ABSOLUTELY FREE. VERY LIMITED.


Each Nova Knife constructed out of high-grade powder-coated aluminum, and is the most practical and durable weather-resistant survival tool of its kind.

The Nova Knife P90 features a revolutionary Zero Gravity plasma-arch fire starter so powerful, it can ignite a fire inside of a waterproof container. Because of the unique plasma technology, the Nova P90 will never need lighter fluid or gas — just click and light!

The Nova Knife P90 comes with its own power-generating solar sub-station and fully rechargeable battery. Charge the 5V battery during the day; light fires and illuminate football-field size spaces at night. And because the Nova P90 comes with a USB power-output port, you can charge all of your devices without a wall-plug.

Simply put, it’s the most self-sufficient survival tool on the planet!


  • Sharpest 5” Removable Steel Blade Yet **NEW**
  • Emergency Seatbelt Cutter 
  • Zero Gravity Fire Starter **NEW**
  • Solar Power Sub-Station
  • Tungsten Breaking Point
  • Forever Charging USB/C Port **NEW**
  • XHP90 Powered Beam

“the most practical and durable weather-resistant survival tool of its kind.”

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