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**NEW**Zippo SureFire 550lb Paracord



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Versatile cord with a fire inside. We've woven together 550lb tensile strength cord and a reliable fire starter to make SureFire Paracord. The red fire-starter strand is paraffin-coated and ignites with a spark to get your fire started – simply clip off and unravel a short length of the red strand to light kindling in a hurry. Packs easily into your camp kit or emergency bag and this durable cord can be used as a clothesline, tie down, boot lace, zipper pull, or countless other ways on your outdoor adventures.


  • 8 strands of cordage
  • 50 ft. length
  • Paraffin coated red fire starting strand
  • Can start up to 600 fires
  • Carabiner included (not for climbing)


  • Provides up to 550 lbs. of tensile strength (not for climbing or descending)
  • Plenty of cord for camp functions or survival situations
  • Ignites with a spark
  • 1" of cord = 30 second burn time
  • Hang your camping accessories where they are easily accessible


    Height: 8.00″ 
    Width: 2.75″
    Depth: 2.60″
    Weight: 6.35 oz.

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