Midnight Black Survival Bundle
Midnight Black Survival Bundle
Midnight Black Survival Bundle
Midnight Black Survival Bundle
Midnight Black Survival Bundle
Midnight Black Survival Bundle
Midnight Black Survival Bundle

Midnight Black Survival Bundle

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The Midnight Black Survival Bundle is here, loaded with gear, and MASSIVELY DISCOUNTED.


Here's everything you're getting...


First you'll get the flagship Matte Black Nova P90 that retails for $199 and is worth every penny. 


This light is the stealth bomber of lights.


It has a fully built in and MASSIVE rechargeable battery using c-port technology.


It pushes a P90 light to over 3,000 lumens and has a 1000X zoom feature to see hundreds of yards away BUT that is just where the Nova p90 begins...


It has a supplemental solar charger to keep your light going on the furthest journeys and a charging station to reboot your phone if your lost on a trail.


It also has a tungsten point that breaks windows for quick escape and rescue and a built in seat belt cutter for perfect safety.


Its blue light button dial tells you exactly how much charge you have, and it can even light fires to keep you warm.




Today you'll only pay $99 PLUS you'll get our fully gauranteed 30 liter Black Dry Bag that holds a TON OF GEAR, is feather light, and FULLY WATER PROOF IN ANY SITUATION...  They sell regularly for $39 and you'll get it free BUT...




You'll also get our custom fit leather lazered Lone Survivalist Midnight Black hat.  We later each one in house and they are the most comfortable hat on the market. we sell them for 34.99 but you'll get it free!


A value totaling $268 for JUST $99 today.


Warning this deal won't be around forever so move fast.


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If you don't love what you order for any reason within 60 days, we will immediately refund you, and I'll even send you a shipping label for it. Listen, I want to make sure you feel totally secure in your purchase today, so you now have nothing to lose if you are still on the fence, because I'm taking all the risk. Why?  I believe in everything on the store, and I believe everyone is better, safer, and more prepared with my products, period.  So take advantage of today's awesome discounts now - WITH ABSOLUTELY ZERO RISK.

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