Medical Go-Bag
Medical Go-Bag
Medical Go-Bag
Medical Go-Bag
Medical Go-Bag
Medical Go-Bag
Medical Go-Bag

Medical Go-Bag

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All Your Medical Supplies.  All Your Survival Gear. All Packed Together Inside A Light Weight, Weather Proof, Everyday Carry, Go Bag!


These survival ready medical kits won't last, at this steep discount, so read fast.

But most Medical Kits have THREE MAJOR FLAWS...


The first flaw is simple.

Just about 95% of people don't have a standard Medical/First Aid Kit.

A few survivalists have a standard Medical Kit...

But hardly anyone has it with them when they need it.

I'll explain how this new product fixes that issue in a bit.

Also, most would agree that NOT having a solid Medical Kit available to you in a crisis, is a dangerous gamble.

Dangerous in a survival situation, in car crash, or when faced with an everyday outdoor accident.

Without access to proper medical or survival supplies, things can deteriorate fast...

Small injures can turn to big ones.

In some cases life threatening...

Like when bacteria embeds in a cut you could have cleaned, and MRSA enters the wound...

Or an allergic reaction turns deadly, because a simple Benadryl tablet isn't on hand...

Big injuries can become even worse...

Bone fractures, 2nd and 3rd degree burns, or deep penetrating cuts that bleed profusely...

and without the proper supplies you can turn into a FROZEN spectator.

Feeling helpless as someone in front of you begs for help.

If you've ever been in that situation with a friend or a family member...

It's devastating.

The sad fact is 90% of the long term damage from a typical accident or injury could be avoided with the right supplies.

These accidents happen everyday.

The good news is, after today you don't need to be helpless in these situations, ever again.

You'll be a hero at the ready.


The right Medical Kits are just too expensive.

Take a look at this standard Medical kit.
Now, don't get me wrong, it's still worth that price to have something.

No one thinks of the cost when saving someone.

You won't either.

You won't worry about price when trying to cleaning a sons cut, stopping blood from a neighbors leg, closing a wound, or splinting a fracture to help a loved one.

We'd all pay whatever price to help in those situations.

But price can stop you from getting a Medical Kit without having an urgent need.

I'll solve the pricing flaw for you below, if I still have these new Medical Kits in stock.

But before I do, there is a third issue that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT.

That practically no Medical Kit solves.

And THIS FLAW can be the difference between life and death in extreme cases.



In a life threatening situation your Medical Kit MUST BE SURVIVAL READY.

These 3 things make a Medical Kit survival ready...

1.  You need to always have your Medical Kit with you.

I know that sounds funny but it's 100% true.

Most medical kits don't attach to your belt.

Most are built with a bulky red aluminum case or in a plastic box that falls apart.

Therefore they get stored in medicine cabinets, under bathroom sinks, in closets...

But rarely do you ever have it with you when you need it.

This puts you in a helpless spot, and at the mercy of waiting on an ambulance, if one is even available.

2.  A Medical Kit needs to have the right "guts" inside the kit. 

This means it must have essential survival equipment.

I'd say 99% of modern day Medical Kits have barely anything for Survival.

Things that are hardly ever stored in Medical Kits are...

Flashlights for power outages, late night crashes, or getting lost on trails.

Fire starters for heat in crisis cold weather situations or signaling attempts.

Ponchos to prevent hypothermia.

Rugged knives to assist in building pop up shelters, hunting and wild animal defense.

Location devices like whistles and compasses and more...

All these are essential for certain outdoor situations and crises.

This means the common Medical Kit leaves you lost, cold, left in the dark...

Helpless against a wild animal in a stranded situation, with no recourse...


It leaves a loved one, that you can't get to, helpless.

3.  It needs to be fast acting.

Seconds can be the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

For example if a someone needs mouth to mouth, and foam is coming from their mouth...

Can you administer mouth to mouth resuscitation in a fast and safe way?

Or if a finger snaps on a child, how fast can you splint it before further damage occurs?

How fast can you stop the bleeding on a deep wound on a loved one?

There is obviously a bunch more survival situations to think about but...

Is there a bag that solves all these issues?

That's affordable?

That's built for common medical injuries combined with survival situations?

That deploys in seconds?

That's loaded with supplies and is still light enough?

A bag hat's always with you?

I believe there is now...

Because I made it for you.

and I call it...


All Your Medical Supplies.  All Your Survival Gear. All Packed Together Inside A Light Weight, Weather Proof, Everyday Carry, Go Bag!

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