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“Let food be thy medicine.”


Whether or not the Greek physician Hippocrates actually said this, it’s no doubt consistent with his philosophy of medicine, and that of the ancient world. In fact, people across cultures have embraced this basic approach to health and wellness for all of history. 


Despite the many blessings of modern “western” (allopathic) medicine, its failure to focus on nutrition as the primary means of both preventing and curing disease has shaped a culture of people who tend to eat poorly, and then mask or manage the symptoms of their resulting ailments with synthetic drugs.


Yet for many of the world’s people, nutrition-based healthcare has never been out of style. And for an increasing number of Americans who’ve been injured, sickened, or otherwise disillusioned by Big-Pharma and MD-directed medicine, interest in herbal and naturopathic approaches to health and wellness is on the rise.


Especially for this reason, our publication of Lost Food Forest is timely. In it you’ll find photos and descriptions of dozens of plants that have been known and trusted for hundreds, or even thousands of years to have medicinal value. And some of them may be growing right in your backyard.


While we recommend you do your own research and draw your own conclusions regarding the efficacy of herbal and plant-based remedies, at the very least when a trip to the doctor’s office or hospital is out of the question — whether the grid has shut down or you’re just out of gas and money — it pays to know which plants in your area may offer relief from a given ailment.


We hope you will find this book a valuable resource. We commend it to you for the health and wellbeing of your family, in survival situations and otherwise.


“when a trip to the doctor’s office or hospital is out of the question ... it pays to know which plants in your area may offer relief from a given ailment.”

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