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Lone Survivalist 3 Pack E-Book Digital Download

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  • Unbreakable Handbook (E-Book)
  • Pandemic Playbook (E-Book)
  • Fishing The Wild (E-Book)

If you want to learn how to survive, and even thrive, from your own home when the crap hits the fan, you'll find the 258-page Unbreakable handbook a gold mine of first-rate instruction on gardening, mini-farming, homesteading, water sourcing, prepping on a budget, bunker building, off-grid energy, survival medicine, and home defense.

In Pandemic Playbook, survival expert Tyler White will teach you how to “bug out” when civil unrest or a loss of critical resources make staying home dangerous or impossible. Major topics of instruction include what gear you'll need, setting up and using a shelter, selecting and staging fuel, building a fire, procuring and sanitizing water, and trapping and cooking food.

And in Fishing The Wild, you'll accompany Tyler to a high mountain river to learn the A to Z of fishing in the backcountry. Sections of the book include an introduction to equipment, followed by instruction on tying hooks, selecting locations, finding fish, casting your line (traditional and fly), managing your line, changing lures, baiting fish and processing them.

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