Power-Core Heated Vest
Power-Core Heated Vest
Power-Core Heated Vest
Power-Core Heated Vest
Power-Core Heated Vest

Power-Core Heated Vest

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The Survival Vest will keep you warm all year long. 

ATTENTION. Must read instructions below.


1. Locate the battery pocket and power cable on the inside of the heated vest.

2. Insert power cable into the designated port of the battery.

4. 3 Levels of heating: the red light indicates continuous high temperature heating, the white light indicates continuous medium temperature heating, and the blue light indicates continuous low temperature heating.

5. To power off, press & hold the power button for 3 seconds, until the lighted button turns off.


Remove power bank before washing, add a neutral detergent. Wash on delIcate cycle. Do not use high temperature water. Hang dry only.


1. Disconnect the battery pack if the vest isn't turned on.

2. If the battery pack makes contact with water please turn off.

3. The duration of continuous heating depends on the capacity.

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