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Fat Ferro Rod

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  • Over 5,000 FAT SPARKS: Most Ferro Rods give off tiny sparks, are hard to get leverage with, and even break after a few uses.  The Fat Ferro Rod throws clusters of sparks that we call FAT-SPARKS, that light fires way faster and easier.  Not only that but it can throw FAT-SPARKS PRACTICALLY FOREVER (over 5000 times.) 
  • It's the biggest Ferro Rod: We could currently make that was still light weight enough to add practically no weight to any survival bag. It makes most Ferro rods look tiny...
  • Comes with a Quick Ignite Paracord Key Chain!
  • Lights Everything:  The FAT-SPARKS are so big and hot they practically light anything. Wet, Dry, Big or Small. Just look at this pre-burned fire rope below, already chard on the fringes. Your Fat Ferro Rod rains down a waterfall of sparks and quickly LIGHTS IT UP AGAIN.
  • It's just really cool: I like cool stuff for survival. This is one of the coolest and fun things created.  Sparks are fun. FAT SPARKS are much more fun. Don't fire them at you friends, or sons, they complain after a while. It's just so EASY TO LIGHT STUFF.
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