Well designed works great bought 6 Nova's with alot of extras matches,seal torch, super nice headlamp everything is awesome 😎

Mike Lambert


Very handy in time of crisis and you don't have to keep changing out the batteries!

Martin Olson


I have purchased 4 Novas the Noc knife The triple beam headlamp the Seal Mini Mag light everything is absolutely quality but you need to review what your clints have purchased i keep getting videos of what ive already bought with your chances to win weapons i want to see more of your products available than what ive already purchased YYOU GUYS ARE GREAT

Rick Foreman


That it is a very real lifesaver. I feel safer with it in my Emergency pack



Everything!!!! Its SOOOO BRIGHT, I love the lighter, solar panel, charging dock, tungsten tip!!!! Next thing you will tell me that I can make a phone call with this :)

Geneva Roybal


I bought the first pair for my assistant manager and myself. It so impressed me I bought my second pair, one for my stepson, who hunts deer by himself....... my son-in-law, who duck hunts on the Mighty Mississippi River....... the Nova 50 is a potential life saver.... thanks Lou

Clifford Tate III


Above and beyond what I expected.

Gaylon Cravens


It performed better than advertised.

Mark Anderson


Another guy I work with has one and it is a great product.

Paul Murray


I'm 72yrs and live in a rough neighborhood and have to walk two blocks at night to church for Bible study. With my Nova in one hand and pepper spray in the other Let anyone: Mess With Me Now! 

Fay Barbee