LASTING ENERGY, Perfect Protein, LASER FOCUS, AND Prepared for anything.  

Survival Milkshake

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6 Ingredients

Nutri Whey™ Native I Milk Protein & Refit TMP Milk Protein From The Netherlands!

We knew we wanted the best protein available, so we got it for you.

Nutri Whey™ Native I is a rapid digestion protein, derived directly from our high quality milk, through gentle processing and ceramic micro-filtration as purification. 

It's controlled whey source provides a consistent & smooth quality


How much clean energy, calmness and clarity does Survival Milkshake give, and is it proven?

One story of “The Night Watchmen” is told where Amazonian hunters would drink Guayusa before leading their parties at night. It is said that while Guayusa sharpens their awareness, it also allows them to sit perfectly still without restlessness. 

Consumer trials observed similar experiences in feeling Guayusa as “a calmer, more focused energy."

THEN we knew Survival Milkshake needed to replenish you at the cell level so we loaded it with...


Fire Fighters called "Smoke Jumpers," are the guys and girls that get let down into the center of the most furious fires.

They are in 150 degree plus heat, and loaded with gear to keep them alive but they sweat like crazy!

They need massive amounts of water to stay alive and hydrated.

The electrolyte blend in your Survival Milkshake was tested by them!

The study shows Smoke Jumper Fire Fighters, in the worst conditions, needed approximately 70% less water to stay hydrated in the worst conditions, than those who just drank water. Hydration is KEY in survival and in everyday life for energy and clarity. 

SURVIVAL MILKSHAKE hands you hyper hydration, and that's just 1 ingredient.

Pure Cocoa Fat & Coconut Fat - ALL NONGMO.

Not only are fats essential for survival, but these fats are not fake chemical thickeners but make every sip of your Survival Milkshake silky smooth and DELICIOUS!

- Pure coconut fat in Vanilla.

- Pure chocolate fat in Chocolate.

- You'll lick the glass after it's done.

Organic "Field to table" Evaporated Cane Sugar - ALL NONGMO.

I hate chemical sweetness.

I wanted to make Survival Milkshake sweet and clean.

It also needed a carbohydrate that could quickly boost you.

It landed me at the cleanest sugar on earth.

Organic "Field To Table" Evaporated Cane Sugar Powder.

It's sugar taken from a freshly cut plant and added to your shake.

No extensive process, chemicals, genetic modification, or anything else that makes refined sugar or high fructose syrup so bad for you.

Just plain old good sweetness.

You know the minute you sip Survival Milkshake how clean and smooth it is.


What makes it so good?  


That's the truth, it's the formulation itself.

It's not just the 100% Dutch chocolate or the Natural french vanilla.

Sourcing products is one thing, but making them fit together is another.

So I hired a recluse formulator, that has been making meal replacements and protein formulas for over 30 years.

I choose not to give his name, because he likes to stay off the radar.

But after tons of back and forth, and over a year of work, we got the perfect tasting formula.

Delicious | Smooth | Fast acting

But don't believe me, believe them...

Survival Milkshake TESTIMONIALS

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Survival Milkshake

  • Fast Shipping from our VA Warehouse

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I've sold over 80 years worth of survival food & I am projecting to go above 100 years soon.

Plain and simple - I don't know how long the batch I have now will last.

So just don't wait.

Look we burn money everyday for nothing...

1,000's a year on TV.

1,000's a year on phones.

1,000's a year on bad habits.

1,000's on food that hurts us.

1,000's on stupid things that we say "Why did I even get that?"

Not here to judge you, but those things will amount to nothing if "things," happen in this country.

I can see those "things," on our doorstep.

If you can't see them, I understand.

If you can, don't wait and look back on this day with the thought of "Man if I only grabbed a years worth of that food, I'd be fine, not hungry, my family good, relieved."

I don't want that for you, you don't either.

So take some of the money that you use foolishly in some areas and invest it in yours and your families survival now.

Yes, that's bold to say, but I am being truthful as if you stood in front of me.

I owe every man and woman that.

So, invest it in survival food, that won't go away.

Something that helps you right now.

Something that will help you in the future.

Something that could save you.

Save your family.

Help young kids around your way in disaster.

Grab your supply right NOW...

GRAB YOUR Survival MIlkshake BELOW

Survival Milkshake

  • Fast Shipping from our VA Warehouse

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Listen, if you've read this far or maybe just scrolled down, you're interested in survival food or you wouldn't be here.

You know you need food and can only make 1 of 3 decisions right now.

You can choose to not get it, and do nothing and end up not as prepared as you could be if a situation comes.

Most are never ready when socialism or famine hit, that's why it quickly destroys so many people.

But I understand, and may God help you if that comes.

I mean that in a good way not a brush you off condemnation way.

Two, you can get it later.

The issue with that is it just may not be here.

That's not a scare you to buy it now tactic.

It's transparency because I sold over 25 years of food in just 1 day.

Not many years left, and some people are still buying it by the year.

They are buying it in that quantity before they tasted it, and felt it's clean clear energy.

I think they'll be back shortly for more years supplies of it, for them and family.

Option 3, you can get it, be prepared, and sip on a delicious healthy Survival Milkshake in just a few days.

The choice is yours, it always is.

I'll respect your decision BUT as if you were my brother or sister I'll tell you what I'd say...

I'd say...

Just get it.

It's food.

It lasts practically forever.

It can feed you now, and in the future, cleanly.

It's tastes ridiculously good.

Unbelievable really, in my opinion, though I invented it and may be biased.

It was so important to me to have Survival Milkshakes that were mild enough and tasty enough to be good day in and day out.

A flavor and drink I ran to, and craved daily, like coffee.

It is that for me, and maybe you'll agree when you get it.

It will also keep you living if you ever don't have food.

Very important. lol

No need to think too much, in my opinion, go with option 3.

Prepare yourself for what's coming, and do it quickly.


Survival Milkshake

  • Fast Shipping from our VA Warehouse

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Could A Famine Happen Here? 





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