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Savage Bag Bundle

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    this bag is SAVAGE. 

    Waterproof Wick Canvas: This canvas is light but tough as steel. It wicks away water, and the inside is fully waterproof keeping everything bone dry.

      Expandable to TRIPLE SIZE: You'll see a zipper that keeps this bag tight and streamlined, but if you need to add clothes, food, or even a tent, the expansion zipper triples the capacity of your bag

        Heavy Duty Double Thick Zippers: The zippers are built survival tough, plain and simple and you'll find secret compartments everywhere

          Dual Water Compartments: You have a mesh water compartment on the left side and a water bladder holder with with a straw shoot on the back side of the bag.

            Nylon Secure Carry Straps: Unlike other bags, your Savage bag has dozens of double stitched, hiking tough, nylon straps. They are so strong you can carry and fasten just as much on the outside of this bag as the inside!

              "Chameleon Fit" Strapping: Your bag has fully padded strapping and adds a third waist strap to distribute weight more evenly and take some of the load off your back. Your Savage Bag also has fully adjustable points at the shoulder, chest, and waist, making this bag perfect for long haul carry situations no matter what your body type is



                Order Today and I'll throw in our $99 Tri-Beam X Headlamp For Free, Plus a Lone Survivalist Decal!


                  More About the Tri-Beam X Headlamp You're Getting Free With Your Savage Bag Today


                  Enhanced 2000x Optical Zoom Lens: Go from 1x to 2000x light intensity just by twisting the expertly-calibrated optical zoom lens. Whether you want to flood an entire campground 100 yards wide with light, or zoom in on an intruder 1/2 mile away... your Tri-Beam X will do it for you.

                  High-Output LED Light Beams: It features 2 T6 High-Output CREE LED boards. Your headlamp has a center beam that produces most of the light, plus 2 smalller accsesory lights that sit next to it. These 3 beams cur through the pitch black with ease to spot an assailant and temporarily blind them from seeing you.

                  3+1 Mode Settings: The Tri-Beam X has 3 standard lighting modes to fit your scenario, plus an AMBUSH mode setting that can blast an attacker with continuous pulsating light, rendering them defenseless. 

                  Upgraded 2600 MAH 3.7V Batteries: This massive battery pack will give you hours of FULL POWER. Built-in safety features right inside the battery. So light up the woods for hours without worrying about your headlamp dimming.

                  8 Position Tilt-Access: Headlamps usually only allow 1-3 tilt positions. With your Tri-Beam X, you have the ability to choose between 8 different positions, giving you more comfort and abilitiy to focus in on what matters most.

                  Brand Rugged, IPX7 Waterproof Housing: Whether a down pour is raging, or frigid temps hit, your tightly protected light and waterproof housing will "KEEP THE LIGHTS ON", No matter what!

                  Red LED 'Follow Me' Light: On the back of the battery pack, we included a red LED light so that anyone behind you can follow you as you lead them to saftety, or guide them through a dense, wooded trail. (Also known as the "Don't shoot me while hunting light.")

                  Built-In Blue Light Charging Indicator: Now you can know exactly how much juice your Headlamp has with the 4 blue light charging indicators right on your button, so you're always ready with full power!

                  An Input/Output USB Charging Port: Instantly begin charging your iPhone or Android device with the built-in USBV port. It's like having an additional phone battery with you werver you go! Simply remove the rubber seal on the back to reveal the built-in USB outlet, plug in, and GO!

                  One of the lightest headlamps on the market: The Tri-Beam X Headlamp only weighs 10.4 ounces with the battery pack, meaning you'll likely forget it's even on your head. This prevents neck injuries and keeps you focused on the task at hand when it matters most.
                  Also comes with AWESOME survival Guide.
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