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NOVA Zippo**ULTRA CRATE** NOVA, Zippo Typhoon Match Kit, Fire Fast Torch, Emergency Fire Kit

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This is an Exclusive Bundle from Lone Survivalist. 


  • 1 NOVA P50  (Retail $150)
  • 1 ZIPPO FIRE FAST TORCH  (Retail $29.99)
  • 1 ZIPPO EMERGENCY FIRE KIT (Retail $24.95)
  • 1 ZIPPO TYPHOON MATCH KIT (Retail $24.95)

The Nova P50 is SURVIVAL.

Here's what this multi-unit survival tool does that even the best single unit Flashlights can't.

It shines as bright as $300 lights, and it's strobe feature temporarily blinds bears or attackers.

It breaks glass with its window breaking tip on the end, to escape car wrecks or fires.

It charges from the sun so you never need to worry about a dead flashlight when your on the go or the power is out...

Its 2500 MAH battery is so strong it acts as a battery charger for your cell phone making sure you always have the ability to contact others, even if your lost on a trail.

It lights FIRES.  FAST.  

It does it with it's concealed plasma arc lighter, that never needs fluid and as long as your solar panel absorbs the sun you'll always have fire in an INSTANT. 

Owning the Nova P50 hands you the ability of a decorated survivalist, without the 30 pound back pack, and your friends will notice. 

So keep it on you when they come over with its built in belt clip, or you might lose it to a buddy :)  

Simply put, it’s not a flash light but it's a POWERFUL MULTI-UNIT SURVIVAL TOOL. 


Life is better around a fire! Be prepared to start yours in the most severe conditions with Zippo’s Typhoon Match Kit. A heavy-duty and O-ring-sealed tube keeps 15 included Typhoon Matches dry, protected and in one place, while a covered strike pad and two spares ensure you’ll always be able to light your matches with ease. 



  • Tube 
    • Rugged and water-resistant ABS plastic with O-ring seals.
    • Floats in water.
    • Textured grip and molded lanyard hole.


  • Typhoon Matches
    • 4 inches long.
    • Burn up to 30 seconds; windproof and water-resistant. 
    • Quick lighting; produce a hot and intense flame.




  • Tube
    • Store and protect 15 Typhoon Matches. 
    • Ignite matches reliably.
    • Easily attach to and carry on pants, bag or pack.


  • Typhoon Matches
    • Burn-time facilitates ease of lighting tinder. 
    • Will light even after exposure to rain or submersion in water.




Height: 4.8 inches 
Width: 1.9 inches
Depth: 2.1 inches
Weight: 0.25 lbs
Warranty: 1 year


“Life is better around a fire! Be prepared to start yours in the most severe conditions with Zippo’s Typhoon Match Kit.”

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