NOVA P50 High Intensity Survival Flashlight NEW


Lone Survivalist


The Nova P50 is the the world’s first High Intensity Survival Flashlight designed with ELITE Survivalists in mind.

It’s constructed out of high grade powder-coated aluminum making it the lightest, most durable, weather resistant survival tool of it’s kind.

The Nova P50 features a REVOLUTIONARY Plasma Arch Fire Starter so powerful, it can ignite a fire inside of a water proof container. Because of the unique Plasma technology, the Nova P50 will never need lighter fluid or gas… just click and light!

The P50 comes with it’s own power-generating Solar Sub-Station and fully rechargeable battery. Charge the 5V battery during the day, light fires and illuminate football-field size spaces at night. And because the Nova P50 comes with a USB power output port, you can charge all of your USB devices without a wall-plug.

Simply put, it’s the most self-sufficient survival tool on the planet!


  • Forever Fire Start
  • Solar Power Sub-Station
  • Tungsten Breaking Point
  • Forever Charging USB Port
  • XHP50 Powered Beam