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Miniwell ICF Waterwell System

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Removes 99.9% of all biological contaminants and bacteria:​ You'll never have to be concerned if the water you filter is clean. The miniwell takes care of 99.9% of all bacteria and contaminants like: escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella typhi, cholera bacteria, legionella, and other pathogenic bacteria.

0.1 micron ultra filtration membrane:​ This is medical grade filtration media that maximizes permeate quality, even under extreme low pressure. You do not need a high-pressure water source in order to filter clean drinking water.

Chemical Free Filtration:​ Unlike other water filtration units, you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals dispensing into your drinking water. This is a chemical-free filtration system that uses medical-grade media to sift out even the finest particulate.
1000+ liter usage:​ How long can you and your family survive when you have access to 1000+ liters of fresh, clean water? A long time. Whats more... you can clean the filter by back-washing it to extend the life of the unit in one easy step. In fact, you can even use the filtered water from the unit to clean itself!

Versatile, rugged design:​ The light, compact, rugged design of the miniwell makes this an extremely desired system for survivalists who may need to 'get up and go' when things get really hairy. You never want to overload your bag with weighty items, and should always pack light.

3 year shelf life AFTER wetting: Most other water filtration units have a 1 year expiration date... even before it ever gets wet! The miniwell can last more than 3 years AFTER the first time you use it! It's simply the longest-lasting personal water filtration system for survivalists.

600ml/min flow rate:​ Instantly receive life-saving water from your miniwell with no pumping, or high-pressure water source. You simply drink out of the top like you're drinking through a regular soda straw.

It's the LAST water survival system you'll ever need!


  • The miniwell 0.1 micron filter
  • The 750ml BPA free bladder
  • Food Grade silicon covers
  • ​Lightweight steel backpack carabiner
  • ​The UVA protective cover for your 750ml bladder
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