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Cyber Monday Blowout Crate **Limited Quantities**

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The impressive contents of our Cyber Monday Blowout Crate will equip you and several of your friends to ignite blazing campfires in the rain-soaked wilderness, flawlessly operate your firearms in combat, light your way through harrowing survival situations on the darkest nights, escape wrecked vehicles, neutralize human and animal assailants, and even keep your phones charged when the power grid is down.


The 33 included pieces of gear have a combined retail value of $1,141.55.


Although, as bundled we would normally sell these items to you for $799.


But now through Cyber Monday (Nov 30th), you’ll get them all for just $599.


Here’s what you’ll receive for this amazing price:


4 Nova P50 Flashlights: The world’s first high-intensity survival flashlight designed with elite survivalists in mind. Features an extremely strong XHP50 powered 4-mode beam, a revolutionary plasma-arch fire starter that never runs out of fuel, a power-generating solar sub-station that will charge your Nova AND your phone, and a tungsten glass breaker that doubles as a weapon.


4 LS Tri-Beam Headlamps: Featuring a 1,000-lumen center beam, two 500-lumen support beams, an adjustable elastic mounting system and a rotating beam bracket, the LS Tri-Beam enables you to thrive at a huge variety of outdoor tasks and missions — even ones in which safety, target identification, or recognition of details is paramount.


12 2-ounce bottles of G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil: Perhaps the finest gun oil on the market today, G96 has passed the U.S. Army’s most rigorous test for performance in real-world conditions, and is sure to keep rifles and pistols firing reliably despite dirt, dust, sand, saltwater, humidity and other environmental factors.


5 SEAL Torch 2000 Flashlights: The original Navy SEAL-promoted tactical flashlight that took the market by storm in 2017. It’s compact enough to carry comfortably on your body around the clock, and powerful enough to be your go-to light for tactical pistol shooting.


5 LS Mini Clip Flashlights: A trusty light for everyday use that you’ll barely notice you’re carrying. But one that you’ll always be able to draw from your belt or pocket at a second’s notice for safety, personal security, and other spur-of-the-moment tasks.


1 Zippo FireFast Torch: Delivers power and performance when you need it most, to start your fires without fail. Incorporating a patented ignition system, this durable torch lights with ease, burns strong, and is adjustable to your choice of a soft-yellow or blue flame.


1 Zippo Typhoon Match Kit: A heavy-duty and O-ring-sealed tube keeps 15 long-burning Typhoon Matches dry, protected and in one place, while a covered strike pad and two spares ensure you’ll always be able to light your matches with ease.


1 Zippo Classic Matte Black Lighter: Zippo’s original matte lighter, first introduced in 1984. Featuring all-metal construction and a windproof design, it works virtually anywhere, is refillable for a lifetime of use, comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made in the U.S.


Be sure to order by 11:59 p.m. on Cyber Monday (Nov 30th) to secure your Blowout Crate at this massively discounted one-time price!


“ignite blazing campfires in the rain-soaked wilderness, flawlessly operate your firearms in combat, light your way through harrowing survival situations on the darkest nights ... “

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