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Guns and Fire Action Pack

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Here's what you'll get in this Guns and Fire Action Pack, and at 25% off what you'd pay for the items separately:

4 bottles of G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil (normally $48): Arguably the finest gun oil on the market today, G96 has passed the U.S. Army’s most rigorous test for performance in real-world conditions, and is sure to keep your rifles and pistols firing reliably even in dirty, dusty, sandy, salty and humid conditions.

Keep these bottles on-hand around your house and vehicles, so no matter the circumstances your guns will be combat-ready.

2 Zippo Typhoon Match Kits (normally $25.90): A water-resistant ABS plastic case with O-ring seals ensures your 15 4-inch-long Typhoon Matches stay dry and ready for critical situations, while a covered striking pad ensures you'll always be able to ignite them. And once these matches are lit, they're really tough to put out, but will burn strong for 30 seconds even in pouring rain and gusting wind!

Keep one kit in each of two vehicles, or keep one in your car and another in your bugout bag. Either way, with these powerful matches in tow you'll stay ready for the worst emergency and survival situations.

1 Zippo Classic Matte Black Lighter (normally $19.95): This is Zippo’s original matte lighter — first introduced in 1984 — and it features all-metal construction and a windproof design. It works virtually anywhere, is refillable for a lifetime of use, comes with a lifetime guarantee from Zippo, and is made right here in America.

This is a fantastic every-day-carry item. Not only is it stylish, but you never know when a quick light will come in handy, or even save your life. 


Note: Shipping for this Action Pack is $15 due to the cost of shipping HAZMAT/flammable products.


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