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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Stash **NEW**

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Our Christmas Stocking Stuffer Stash equips you handsomely with gifts for your dad, brother, son, mailman, garbageman, long-range precision shooting instructor and more!


With 5 each of two different models of tactical flashlight, 8 bottles of a top-quality synthetic gun oil, and 5 Zippo lighters, there’s likely something for every survivalist and prepper in your life.


Here’s a detailed breakdown of what’s included:


5 SEAL Torch 2000 Flashlights: The original Navy SEAL-promoted tactical flashlight that took the market by storm in 2017. It’s compact enough to carry comfortably on your body around the clock, and powerful enough to be your go-to light for tactical pistol shooting.


5 LS Mini Clip Flashlights: A trusty light for everyday use that you’ll barely notice you’re carrying. But one that you’ll always be able to draw from your belt or pocket at a second’s notice for safety, personal security, and other spur-of-the-moment tasks.


8 2-ounce bottles of G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil: Arguably the finest gun oil on the market today, G96 has passed the U.S. Army’s most rigorous test for performance in real-world conditions, and is sure to keep rifles and pistols firing reliably despite dirt, dust, sand, saltwater, humidity and other environmental factors.


5 Zippo Classic Matte Black Lighters: Zippo’s original matte lighter, first introduced in 1984. Featuring all metal construction and a windproof design, it works virtually anywhere, is refillable for a lifetime of use, comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made in the U.S.


1 Bottle of Zippo Lighter Fluid


Order one of these handy gift packs today, while supplies last!


“there’s likely something for every survivalist and prepper in your life.”

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