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Savage Survival Bag

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  • Waterproof Wick Canvas: This canvas is light but tough as steel.  It wicks away water, and the inside is fully waterproof keeping everything bone dry.  
  • ​Expandable to TRIPLE SIZE: You'll see a zipper that keep this bag tight and streamlined, but if you need to add clothes, food or even a tent the zipper unlocks it to triple the size!
  • Heavy Duty Double Thick Zippers:  The zippers are built survival tough, plain and simple and you'll fin secret compartments everywhere.
  • ​Dual Water Compartments: You have a mesh water compartment on the left side and a water bladder holder with straw shoot on the bags back side.
  • ​Nylon Secure Cary Straps: Unlike other bags, your Savage bag has dozens of double stitched, hiking tough, nylon straps.  They are so strong you can carry and fasten just as much on the outside of this bag as the inside!  
  • ​"Chameleon Fit" Strapping: Your bag has fully padded strapping.  It also has 3 dedicated strapping points for ease in long haul carry situations.  Fully adjustable shoulder, high chest, and low belt secure straps.  This enables perfect weight distribution to keep you moving for miles.
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