NOVA P50 Flashlight Headlamp CRATE


Lone Survivalist


  • Includes 1 NOVA P50
  • 1x 2000 Lumen Headlamp
  • 2 Bottles of G96 Gun Oil

NOVA Spec's:

The Nova P50 is the the world’s first High Intensity Survival Flashlight designed with ELITE Survivalists in mind.

It’s constructed out of high grade powder-coated aluminum making it the lightest, most durable, weather resistant survival tool of it’s kind.

The Nova P50 features a REVOLUTIONARY Plasma Arch Fire Starter so powerful, it can ignite a fire inside of a water proof container. Because of the unique Plasma technology, the Nova P50 will never need lighter fluid or gas… just click and light!

The P50 comes with it’s own power-generating Solar Sub-Station and fully rechargeable battery. Charge the 5V battery during the day, light fires and illuminate football-field size spaces at night. And because the Nova P50 comes with a USB power output port, you can charge all of your USB devices without a wall-plug.

Simply put, it’s the most self-sufficient survival tool on the planet!


  • Forever Fire Start
  • Solar Power Sub-Station
  • Tungsten Breaking Point
  • Forever Charging USB Port
  • XHP50 Powered Beam